Timezone is a fantasy/drama webcomic written by Tawnysoup (Sophia Austin). The comic takes place in a world where time is frozen everywhere apart from around certain people called 'Indicators.' Riley, who is one of these Indicators, stumbles upon a long forgotten, frozen town one day. Upon unfreezing it they unleash a mysterious and dangerous force that threatens the lives of people all across the globe.

The comic is drawn as separated panels rather than comic pages, meant to be viewed almost like a storyboard to an animation. Text accompanying the images acts as character dialogue rather than speech bubbles.

The webcomic updates Weekly!

Currently the webcomic updates every time new panels are complete, with new pages/notifications going up once a week on deviantArt and twitter!





TawnySoup (Sophia Austin) - Main author/artist. Writes the story, storyboards and completes the panels, designs and holds the rights to all the characters. Lives in Scotland, and is currently studying animation at University.

BeefBirb (Bethan Jones) - My (Soup's) best friend, whom I share the Timezone story with behind the scenes. She helps me to work out the kinks in plotlines, develop characters and has done some design-work for me that will come later in the comic!


Janie - My cat. She was my go-to moral support, a fantastic friend with the silkiest fur and she was so very, very talkative. She left us on the 27th of December, 2017, due to a sudden blood clot. I, and my whole family, miss her so, so much.

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Written/drawn by TawnySoup@deviantArt

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