Welcome to the Bonus Comics page! This page is where you can find all the extra mini-comics I have sketched and uploaded to fill time or experiment with jokes between real comic updates. They are usually more experimental than updates, using speech bubbles and usually being left in sketch form, uncoloured - this allows me to put these comics out more often as a casual, fun side-series! These Bonus comics are usually uploaded to my deviantArt, rather than on-site here, so each comic link will lead you to the upload page on the other site.

Check here every so often to see if new Bonus Comics have been uploaded!


16:9...! - 21/03/2018

The list below contains comics centered around AU (alternate universe) scenarios that myself and Beefbirb discuss with eachother, surrounding all of our characters. As such, characters and interractions in the below comics you may not recognise and will likely not fit into the canon Timezone timeline at any point. The ones listed here are all the comics containing at least one Timezone character - if you want to see all of my Bonus Comics, including those exclusive to other character-groups, please check the gallery found here - https://tawnysoup.deviantart.com/gallery/55839400/Comic-Strips


None so far! - 00/00/2018


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