In a world where time flows only around certain people, a young 'Indicator' unleashes a glitch-pandemic that threatens the lives of everyone across the globe. Accompanied by their guards and a thousand-year-old girl from a medieval town, will they be able to stop the calamity before everything is destroyed?

Timezone a light sci-fi, drama and LGBTQ+ friendly webcomic that explores a world similar to our own but with one major difference! There is a large focus on character interaction, pages are occassionally punctuated with animated panels, and some sensitive themes (injuries, swearing and in-fighting) are explored through-out.

The webcomic updates every
[Swearing, blood, lacerations, implied character death]

Comic Status: Chapter 4
Comic Launched: 13th June 2016


TawnySoup (she/they) - Main writer/artist. I'm Tawny, the owner and creator of the comic! I write, script, design and draw the entire comic as you see on this site! Timezone is my labour of love, and I intend to work on it into the far future.
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BeefBirb (she/they) - Beta reader. Beef, my QPP, works with me behind the scenes to develop Timezone's story and beta reads all pages at thumbnail stage. She's my trusted wingman who's been by my side since before I even began posting the comic! She and I also write a second comic together - Affected (click to go there!)
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Written/drawn by TawnySoup@deviantArt

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