25th Dec 2019, 7:18 AM
So far, Flink has been terrible to every person they've encountered. I'm finding it difficult to connect with a character who seems so completely caught up in their own issues that unleashing a cataclysm that is injuring and perhaps even killing people gives them little pause. I can understand that perhaps they have repressed their feelings so thoroughly that we the readers cannot observe them, but therein lies the problem. With no indication that Flink /ever/ spares a thought for anyone but themselves, I simply find myself put off. Is there depth to our protagonist that I am missing or that has yet to be revealed? I think that this story concept is fantastic but Flink seems to be such a misanthrope that I am finding it difficult to continue reading.
25th Dec 2019, 8:54 AM
Haha, yeah, admittedly Riley is a bit of a (huge) brat during this step of the story. Don't worry, it's all intentional - their character will change, though it may take a while. My hope was that during these earlier stages the comedy (and worldbuilding) would be what kept people interested! But I understand it isn't necessarily going to please everyone. If you're able to stick around for the long ride, I hope I'd be able to surprise you ;v;
30th Dec 2019, 2:30 AM
Despite how Riley is now, a good number of laugh out moments for me involved Riley. My personal favorite at the moment is when they were learning about the idea of freezing people with the time power thing. My train of thought was like:

"They're going to use this to freeze people annoying them, aren't they?"
30th Dec 2019, 2:28 AM
I have some misgivings about Riley myself, but it's not enough to give me issues with continuing to read. I mean, they're just 14 and they're already expected to hold so much responsibility on their shoulders, being pretty much one of the very few beings left that can flow time around them. That's huge, bigger than even a king or queen. I think it's realistic that they would be so bitter during this point in their life. Not to mention I don't think it's out of realm of possibility that they likely think that everyone around them, maybe even family, only sees value in them as an Indicator, only want to use them for their Timezone abilities. This would explain why they push others away and think only about themself. They just don't want to get the chance of someone tricking and using them.
30th Dec 2019, 12:32 AM
Alright. I'll stick around then. I like the other characters a lot and this world is really interesting.

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