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23rd Aug 2022, 10:04 PM
Thank god it was just a dream.... right?

GORE WARNING FOR THIS PAGE! But, ah, I suppose you read the author comment after the page so I'm not sure how much the warning will help, hfdghsfjhsdj


23rd Aug 2022, 10:18 PM
Vvgcfxxdxfcghsgs poor Lucy ;0;
23rd Aug 2022, 11:04 PM
oh geeze... ):
24th Aug 2022, 2:10 AM
Apocalyptic Matcha
24th Aug 2022, 7:14 PM
14th Dec 2022, 6:33 PM
How about you put the warning onto the page itself? The afterword way really only works if you put the afterword on the top of the page. On another note how exactly do these glitches deal damage? Is this like fire?
18th Dec 2022, 11:27 PM
Not a bad shout, I might make a little warning card to pop up at the top of the page then.

Also the glitches, they act by spreading into areas they touch, rapidly moving those molecules backwards and forwards in time. If a glitch touched your arm, it could 'reverse' the skin and flesh cells back into non-existence, essentially leaving you with a laceration. Once a glitch has touched something, it's hard to remove it from that thing.
19th Dec 2022, 4:27 PM
Ohh so best case sceniario is your hand is now gone to the void, worst case sceniario is necrosis and cell degeneration. Well thats not a nice way to go.

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